My unnecessary two cents

Sometimes, technology revolutionizes how we do things. It makes a job simpler, or does it better. Other times.......uhhh....well......

So tell me. What does this do? More to the point, what does this improve upon?

The pen? Scanning technology? Does it make the job simpler?

I doesn't appear to significantly improve any of these things; yet.

Right now it's more of a "Look what I can do!" gadget. It's neat. That's it. (I could be missing something though. It's been known to happen. *Gasp!* Yes, I know. Shocking.)

However, what I am interested in, is where this is leading. This is the opener. To work out the kinks. What's next? Digital chalk boards for teachers with a traditional classroom and an online classroom? Combined with cloud technology to allow you to make notes and sketches and instantly have them sync with your computers and online storage? Sketch straight to your blog? Do a full tonal drawing for your painting and have it instantly be saved to your computer. You now have your traditional piece and a digital piece saved with no scanning or photos. Completely merging traditional and digital. Make an oil painting that is saved digitally as you go? So much for software imitating traditional tools after that.

Alot of great possibilities, but for now I'll stick to my traditional pen and pad.