Cleaning the morgue

When I was in college, there was no Google image search. If there was, I didn't know about it. You had to take your own photos or find some in your morguefile. I started keeping a morguefile while I was a freshman in college a long, long time ago. I eventually became lazy, and just started keeping the entire magazine. Believing that someday when I needed that picture, I would remember where it was, and that I would go find it.

Enter Google image search. Remember how I mentioned that I was lazy? Well it comes into play here again. Why go dig out my years old morguefile, when I can just "Google It"? This is where I show some other vices. Stubbornness, and (mild) hoarding. I still have that morguefile, and collection of magazines.

So....It came time to start packing for the move. I wanted to "cut weight", as they say. However, I didn't want to just throw away the morguefile and all the magazines (hoarding).  Luckily, I had an epiphany. I will just consolidate all those pictures, and cut up those magazines and put them into a sketchbook. I don't really need a morguefile anymore, so I will make all of that stuff into more of an "inspiration book".  It won't take much time (wrong), it will be an interesting project (true), and will cut down on another box for the move (Ha! Bullshit!).


This will apparently be a much longer project than I planned. I have kind of started organizing the sketch books into subject matter, but I'm not being too strict about it. I want more of a randomness to the images. You never know where your inspiration for an image will come from. If I had it too strictly organized, I would never stumble on to the obscure idea that someone else may not have thought of.







Yeah, I know. It's kinda like scrap booking. Without the glitter, stickers, and awesomeness.