The new bouncing baby.....painting

I wanted "Bad Ass"! I wanted her to look like she's been drug through hell and is going to get up one last time, just to kick YOUR ass.

(Unfortunately I can't find the sketches, so we will start further into the process.)

Took me awhile to get the idea down. A very long while. I have a hard time when I don't have time constraints. I keep second guessing, going back, re-doing old ideas, etc.

I also have a problem with not zooming in. I'm not talking about zooming in and working every little tiny detail. I'm talking about zooming in to the heart of the picture. Get in there and let the viewer feel like they are involved. I always want to keep moving out to add more elements to the piece. I have to force myself to crop and move in, "trim the fat". I was trying to go overboard here. I still think I could have gone farther, but I'm generally happy with it.

Tried some new techniques. Basically some watercolor brushes used as stamps. It wasn't a complete success as far as I'm concerned, but I learned some things that worked and some that didn't. The thing with digital is that I each time I learned someting, I had to force myself to keep going forward instead of going back and applying what I just learned.