Sometimes you just gotta say.....

"Sometimes you just gotta say.....What the f#*k. Make your move." - Tom Cruise - Risky Business

I've mentioned it here before. I'm moving. Most of you didn't know. Most of you don't care. However, there are one or two people that do. This also somewhat explains the lack of art updates. Have no fear. They are on the way.

Where am I moving?: Hampton, Virginia  I will be sharing an apartment with a longtime friend.

Why am I moving?: Artistic community - I will be spending most of my time in the TAD studio in Richmond. I will be around other artists that inspire and motivate me. Being within shouting distance of artists that you admire, and being able to ask their opinion on your work is invaluable.  Not to mention they are great people and fun to be around.

A change - Yes, I'm leaving a full time job with benefits. Tom Cruise said it best; and it is that time in my life and my career to make a move.

Do you have a job there?: Yes. My portfolio. That will become my full time job. I will get a part time "joe job" to pay the bills and put some food in my stomach, but the focus will be on improving my art and developing an Illustration career. I have been preparing for this for over a year. I already have my survival money squirreled away.

Who are the artists?: I could sing their praises for awhile. I'll spare you my fanboyishness (yep, that's a word), and just leave you some links. You can check them out yourself.  Sterling Hundley, Josh George, Jeff Love, Edward Kinsella III - There are more great artists in the studio, these are just a few.

There ya go. Any other questions, just ask.

Packing all of the important stuff. I may have to leave some clothes behind to make room for my books.