OMG! It's flying at my face!!


If you have me on any of the social networks, you have probably already seen this. I just had to post it here. What a great video. In fantasy illustration, there are endless creatures that have wings. You need to know how the wings work in order to paint them convincingly.
This is a great video for screenshots, or just pausing. A straight ahead view of an owl flying right at your face! Pretend it isn't an owl. Maybe it's a dragon, or a harpie, or maybe.....wait for it...... A GIANT OWL! Oh no!
There are several addons in the Firefox browser that let you download flash movies (I use this one}. Then I use VLC to watch most of the movies on my computer. It has a handy little screen cap button. So you can watch the movie for the shot of the wings you like the best, then pause, and screen shot.

I think most any video player will probably have screenshot capability. VLC is just the one I use.