Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

This one was a bit crazy. Lots of characters, lots of scale, two dragons, etc.. And not a lot of time. Had to do a quick turnaround due to complications that I'm not privy to.

Thanks to Hal Mangold and Green Ronin Publishing for the opportunity.

The sketches were really rough. Thankfully Hal knew we were just getting things laid out and wasn't worried about it.

I've started to do my final drawings with those primitive tools called pencil & paper. I tend to enjoy it more, I take more care with the drawing, and it seems to yield better results for me.

Not to pull a "draw a circle, draw an owl", but there are plenty of step by step paintings out there. My method isn't much different. And I don't save all those steps. So we will jut go to the final.

A bit was added to the right and bottom for bleed. And I had to lose the horns in order to conform to D&D 5E dragons. (I really liked those horns)

Prints are available at my  inprnt store  

Prints are available at my inprnt store 

And the final cover with all the dressings. They adjusted the color, contrast etc.. a bit.