Seven Worlds RPG

Seven Worlds is an RPG that I did a couple covers for. I've posted one. It's also in my gallery. The kickstarter is getting ready to start, so I thought I would share it again, along with the other one I did. Both are wraparound covers. 

Here they are and go check out the kickstarter announcement here

Seven Worlds Cover #1
Seven Worlds Cover #2

Star Wars: On The Front Lines Portraits

I forgot I hadn't collected all of the Star Wars portraits from On The Front Lines by Daniel Wallace. So here.

The book came out really well. You can pick one up at your local bookstore, or if you are lazy, go Here: Star Wars: On the Front Lines

Deadlands: The Boneyard

The Boneyard by Seanan McGuire is the third installment of the Deadlands series of books from Tor publishing. The others being Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry and Thunder Moon Rising by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Here is the link to more on the book. The Boneyard

I've included the sketches. We changed directions after the first round of sketches to better reflect the Circus setting of the book. It definitely fits the book better, even though I liked the original sketches.


The Boneyard_Final-Aaron J Riley

Warhammer 40k Necrons

I had basically quit doing Warhammer cards. However, my AD that I had worked with for a couple years knew the one thing that would convince me to do some more. Necrons. I had been asking for them, the moment we had a relationship that I felt comfortable asking for stuff. And considering recent news that Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight have split, I guess I was in on one of the last sets of Warhammer 40k cards. 

Eldritch Lance
Illuminor Szeras