Figure Drawing

Figure Doodlin' Night - Episode IV - A New Hope


I wasn't

waiting for

the chance to

do that title since

I started this stupid

string of titles. How does

it apply to this week? Uhhh..

I thought this drawing was horrible

last night. I thought I wouldn't have anything

to post today, because figure drawing night did

not go well for me last night. (You will soon find that

I say that every time, but this time I really mean it. Seriously.

I do. I'm not kidding. No joke..Really....I couldn't be more serious...

stop looking at me like that) I took a picture of the only drawing that

was even recognizable as a human figure, and went home feeling very

despondent. This morning I loaded up the shots of last nights drawing. As

I looked at it for awhile, I realized there was.........wait for it..........................

A New Hope!

*a cheer goes up from the crowd*

It doesn't make me want to cry and break my own hands. Yep, that was a very

long way to go for a really crap joke, but if you can't tell; I'm doing this to entertain

myself, more than you. Now on to the shiny! 15 Min. Pose - NuPastel on toned paper.

Was that funny? Not really. Was it hard to read? Certainly. Does it look more like a christmas tree than the original Star Wars scrolling text? Unfortunately. Do I care? Nope. I was giggling to myself the entire time. Have a good weekend!!

Figure Doodlin' Night III - The Search for Spock

How old is that dumb ass joke? I'm going for the Steve Martin thing. I'll just keep using it until the fact I'm still using it, becomes so ridiculous, it's funny again. That should be about a year from now.

Anyway, things didn't go so horrible last night.  I have two whole images for you to look at! Wee! Aren't you all excited. They aren't perfect by any means, but there are things I like in them. I'm not telling you what though. Tee hee!

Yeah, all right. Enough blah blah! Here's the shiny stuff.

The first one is pretty rough, but there is something I like about that.

These are both 15 min. poses.

Figure Doodlin' Night - Part Deux

As with most sequels, it's not as good as the first. Fortunately there isn't far to fall.

Only one image was worth looking at for any amount of time. The night as a whole was just a big hot mess. So if you squint, and click away real fast, this one looks pretty good. I will try to do better next week, please don't hit me! I'll do better, I promise!!!

20 minute pose