Figure Doodlin' Night - Episode IV - A New Hope


I wasn't

waiting for

the chance to

do that title since

I started this stupid

string of titles. How does

it apply to this week? Uhhh..

I thought this drawing was horrible

last night. I thought I wouldn't have anything

to post today, because figure drawing night did

not go well for me last night. (You will soon find that

I say that every time, but this time I really mean it. Seriously.

I do. I'm not kidding. No joke..Really....I couldn't be more serious...

stop looking at me like that) I took a picture of the only drawing that

was even recognizable as a human figure, and went home feeling very

despondent. This morning I loaded up the shots of last nights drawing. As

I looked at it for awhile, I realized there was.........wait for it..........................

A New Hope!

*a cheer goes up from the crowd*

It doesn't make me want to cry and break my own hands. Yep, that was a very

long way to go for a really crap joke, but if you can't tell; I'm doing this to entertain

myself, more than you. Now on to the shiny! 15 Min. Pose - NuPastel on toned paper.

Was that funny? Not really. Was it hard to read? Certainly. Does it look more like a christmas tree than the original Star Wars scrolling text? Unfortunately. Do I care? Nope. I was giggling to myself the entire time. Have a good weekend!!