Rollplay: Nebula Jazz Poster

I started a huge write up explaining Twitch, how I ended up watching Twitch, what Rollplay is and more importantly what Rollplaly: Nebula Jazz is. Then I remembered, I hate typing up huge posts. And I hate reading large posts, when I really just want to see the pictures. So, if you are interested, go find out for yourself. It's called Google. It's your friend.

If you want to hear my "personal journey" (quotes mean sarcasm) with Twitch, buy me beer sometime. I'll tell you anything you want to know, and some you don't.

Just to be polite, I've added links at the bottom of the post if you want to know more about Twitch, Rollplay, or just Nebula Jazz.

So here are the initial sketches. Two typical poster ideas, and two somewhat inside joke ideas.

We decided on #2. I had to figure out the background and play with values.


The final drawing. Once again, I have gone back to doing my final drawings traditionally instead of on the computer. It just feels better, and it gets me away from the computer.


Then there is the quick and dirty block in.


And on to the final. I used a vector program to create the background, so I could get clean lines, and it's just easier for me when it comes to that stuff. Also, I changed Aurora's (girl on the logo) legs, cause it just wasn't working for me. Plus there were other little tweaks as the process went on.


There you go. Go buy the poster. Because, who doesn't need a huge slime dude on their wall.


Or if you want a poster signed by the Nebula Jazz cast, plus itmeJP, Aureylian and SirScoots 

check out Rollplay Patreon for a limited time offer.

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