New site, old blog

I've had plans to change my website for several months. I kept planning for it to happen. And planning, and waiting, and planning. It wasn't all just procrastination. There were circumstances out of my control. But nobody cares about excuses.

I was tired of looking at my old site, and didn't want to bring attention to it any longer. "Why should I? I'm going to change to the new one next week." Not the most sound business strategy, bu that was my thinking. So cut to this month and the last time I updated my blog was in June? July?

"I'm going to try to keep up with my blog this year". Said every artist since blogs became popular. I won't make any promises. Stuff happens, and I don't really care to type. However, I do have a bunch of stuff saved up since I haven't really shown anything for several months. So even if there aren't alot of words, there should be pictures.

I've added a "personal work" section. That will be all the stuff I do to entertain myself and decompress from commissioned work. I've also joined the masses on instagram. If you are inclined to the social stalking, all of my links are under my name to the right.

Ok. I've lost my desire to type. Here are the new images that have been added to the gallery.

That's it for today.