John Carter is busy!

This little painting is earning it's rent space in my portfolio. I created it for an competition. The contest was to do an image based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, A Princess of Mars. I didn't get to enter the actual contest, but I still wanted to do the piece.

Yay! #1- So now here we are in the present. I recently received my free audiobooks from Tantor Audiobooks. They include an ebook with the original text from the book, and several John Carter related images. Including..........wait for John Carter painting.

Yay! #2- I was recently contacted by someone wanting to use Mr. Carter for their book cover. I can't give alot of info on it at this time, but well...yay!

Yay!#3- This is the big Yay! Yippeekayay!? No. That sounds weird. Anyway. Recently Mr. Carter was accepted into the Richmond Illustrators Club juried show.

I am completely honored to be accepted into the show. There are some amazing artists in the show. Including my studiomates Leslie Herman, Richie Pope, William Godwin, and a friend of the studio Jeremy Wilson

The preview opening is Thurs. night at Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond, followed by the opening on Friday night during First Friday.

It should be a great time. I will be there both nights hanging out, acting awkward in public, and wishing I had a beer. Feel free to come introduce yourself. It will be a welcome distraction from looking awkward.

Come out and see Mr. Carter in his sunday best. (mat and frame).

Ghostprint Gallery