Figure Doodlin' Night V - The Final Frontier

Uhhh....I could probably tie that title in somewhere if I really put an effort into it. The truth is, there are few movie franchises that have gone to 5 (without rebooting). I'm going to be in trouble in about two weeks. I'll be down to  Harry Potter and James Bond movies.

I will also spare you, my banal bitching about my drawings this week (Like how I still fit it in a little bit though?)

They are what they are. I would have preferred better, but I think that will happen until I die. So I might as well quit bitching about it. At least until later this week.

We missed a week for spring break, these are from the week before that, when I was being lazy and didn't take pictures before I left the studio. Confused yet? Probably not, because I'm talking to myself here.

Here are the shiny things