Figure Doodlin' Night

Figure drawing started up again at the studio......We planned it. It wasn't like a flash mob. Although, that would be interesting. All of a sudden a bunch of people bust out some newsprint pads and charcoal sticks. Some woman (or man) shucks some velcro clothes and jumps up on a flower pot, conveniently close to a street light. "Let the gesture studies begin!" or "Oh Shit! The cops!"

Anyway, enough random blathering. These were all 10-15 min. poses.

I plan to post these after every Thursday night drawing session.  Hopefully we will see some improvement over time. Then we can come back here to the first posting and laugh and laugh at the silly way Aaron drew these (or the fact I can't seem to fit them on the page).

There is a new painting in the works, that has to be done by Sun. night for a contest. So there will be a gallery update next week. Wee! I know we are all excited. (Someday the internet will figure out how to convey sarcasm in type.)