Decisions, decisions...

 I can't seem to make a decision.

I've been thinking about this for awhile. I wanted a logo/signature that I could use for branding. I've had this design running through my head, and been using some version of it for my signature on my paintings. I figured it was time to take steps to finalize it.

Most of my work right now is digital. I wanted a traditional feel to this. I wanted the spontaneous, quick stroke, "signature" look. Like it's a natural signature. I figured no better way to do this than sit down with the paper, ink, some pens, and some brushes. Everything was done using bottled ink. No bic pens.


I did a ton of them, trying different strokes, speed, etc... I then collected all of the pages and scanned them in. I went through with Corel Draw and cut the ones out that I thought looked ok. I exported each of those as jpegs and loaded them into picasa, then made the little movie above. Picasa makes that amazingly easy.

The slide show is just a feature in Picasa's web albums. Damn those Google products can be handy. You can also make slideshow movies that you can upload to your web albums and youtube, right from your Picasa on your computer.

I am going to decide on one of these soon. You are welcome to help. I've numbered each one of them so you can tell me if there is one you prefer. Most are pretty similar, just small differences. It's only a little more than a minute of your time. I know; that's asking alot in this internet age.