Illustration Academy

I did it last year, and it was one of the greatest experiences. A month of non-stop picture making. Seriously, 16 hour days were the short ones! It was great. I slept for a day after the last week of the academy. Although that might of had as much to do with my celebrating the completion as it was exhaustion.

This year I will be going again, and with mostly new instructors (to me). Last year, the academy was held in Richmond, VA and in Kansas City. I was in Richmond. This year everyone will be gathering in KC. It will be great to see the instructors I did meet last year.

Unfortunately, due to expenses, day job, and a move coming up, I'll only be able to attend for a couple weeks. Oh well. A couple weeks is better than no Academy at all.  Check it out. It's well worth the money and time if you want to learn.

Check out that damn faculty! Mark English, John English, Sterling Hundley, Anita Kunz, Jon Foster, Brent Watkinson, George Pratt, CF Payne and more!