Star Wars Imperial Assault

A couple of my cards for Fantasy Flight's "Imperial Assault - Twin Shadows" just popped up on the internet. I did these approximately one year ago. There is still one more in this group. But it hasn't been shown by Fantasy Flight yet, so we have to wait.

If you are curious about the game you can go here.

Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser

I read the Fritz Leiber books when I was younger. As soon as Pinnacle Entertainment Group contacted me about doing these covers, I went and read "Ill met in Lankhmar" again. I'm not much of a re-reader, but it had been quite awhile, so it was pretty new.

These are for a new RPG based on the world and characters of Leiber. I've flipped throught the pdf's I was given. The game looks fun. If you are interested, go get a copy. They have PDF's and I think the print versions are on the way.

Cones of Dunshire

If you are a fan of the "Parks and Recreation" tv show, you probably know what this is. When Mayfair games asked me to do these characters however, I had no idea what it was. So here is a small clip from the show to somewhat explain.

During his week off between jobs, Ben becomes obsessed with creating a new role-playing game called "The Cones of Dunshire."

I believe Mayfair Games originally designed the general idea of the game for the show. Apparently it was pretty popular so they decided to try to make an actual game.

Normally when I do these character designs they are just variations on the common role playing classes. Knight, Cleric, Wizard, etc.. So needless to say I had no idea what I was supposed to do with a "Brinksman" or "Arbiter". I was just given the name and a rather small picture of the miniatures they were going to use. Thankfully my AD gave me a good idea where to go once I asked.

They wanted to use the sketches on the kickstarter page, so I did a bit more detailed sketch than my usual chicken scratch sketches. Couldn't have everyone looking at those.

Then the finals.

Unfortunately the kickstarter wasn't funded. So I'm not sure these will get used for anything unless they try again.

New site, old blog

I've had plans to change my website for several months. I kept planning for it to happen. And planning, and waiting, and planning. It wasn't all just procrastination. There were circumstances out of my control. But nobody cares about excuses.

I was tired of looking at my old site, and didn't want to bring attention to it any longer. "Why should I? I'm going to change to the new one next week." Not the most sound business strategy, bu that was my thinking. So cut to this month and the last time I updated my blog was in June? July?

"I'm going to try to keep up with my blog this year". Said every artist since blogs became popular. I won't make any promises. Stuff happens, and I don't really care to type. However, I do have a bunch of stuff saved up since I haven't really shown anything for several months. So even if there aren't alot of words, there should be pictures.

I've added a "personal work" section. That will be all the stuff I do to entertain myself and decompress from commissioned work. I've also joined the masses on instagram. If you are inclined to the social stalking, all of my links are under my name to the right.

Ok. I've lost my desire to type. Here are the new images that have been added to the gallery.

That's it for today.

Karloff the Relentless

Stumbled across an illustration I did for No Quarter Magazine #53. When I was younger, I would wander around in gaming stores for hours. I always wanted to play all those games. However, now I'm sure that the only reason I wanted to play those games was because of the art. I would see the cool picture of some wizard wearing his cool guy robes and conjuring some demon and be completely wrapped up in it. Now I get to stumble in to the gaming store and see my own stuff right next to all that.

2014-04-14 12.53.55.jpg

Boba Fett

I'm tired of not getting likes on that damn deviantumblrestergram! Actually I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night and I ran out of pictures of my attractive friends.

Down time

In an effort to do something besides sit on my hands while in between sketch approvals and deadlines, I decided to practice a little.

More people with weapons standing around doing stuff.

Here are a few character shots I've done recently for Paizo (Pathfinder). The first three are for the Reign of Winter pawn set, and the other two are for Wardens of the Reborn Forge.

Marislova (Reigns of Winter)Ringeirr Malenkov (Reigns of Winter)Russian Soldier (Reigns of Winter)Metruni (Wardens of the Reborn Forge)Habblegash (Wardens of the Reborn Forge)


Shadowrun Cover

This is a recent cover I did for Shadowrun (Catalyst Game Labs). I guess the pdf is currently at #1 on DriveThru RPG. I'm glad it's doing well. I've always liked that Shadowrun world.


if you are a Shadowrun player, you can pick up the pdf at Drivethru RPG, the print cover is coming eventually, I believe.

Illuxcon Promo shhh....tuff.

Another year, another Illuxcon. I put together another promo packet to hand out. Full of postcards, new and old, business card, and a booklet of some of my work.

It's all ready. I procrastinated again, and made it hectic for myself to get it done today. I hate myself sometimes. Worst boss I've ever had.

Anyway, here it is with a new design and a smaller envelope.

See you in Allentown. I'll be at the bar.

Yeah, yeah, crappy Iphone pictures. Well, buy me a camera then.

Experimentalizationism Again

Normally I try to keep these experiments to a few hours. I got caught up in this one. All of the experiments didn't seem to do the picture justice. I kinda stumbled on to this idea. It took a couple of days and distracted me from deadlines, but it was worth it.

These experiments are part of a larger plan. I'm trying to find ways to fit more graphic design elements into my paintings. Most of the time it's maddening. Then when I figure it out, it's quite euphoric. For me.

I've also been caught up trying to figure out watercolors in Painter. Talk about maddening. I used water colors traditionally for a long time. I don't remember ever being this frustrated. And I was frustrated alot.

Anyway. I'll shut my face hole.

Here is the pic.


I don't even know what that word would mean.

Anyway, I am trying to find productive ways to relax. I'm also trying to do more personal work. So now I'm combining those two things. This week anyway. By next week I'll have some other grand scheme worked out that I will think is the end all be all way to my personal happiness. Then I'll give that up and go drink beer. Then the cycle will start all over again. Such is my life.

Bored yet?

Here is the picture. I'm just trying other techniques and trying to find ways to complete images without resorting to my oh so comfortable "rendered filter" in Photoshop (or Painter). I'll drag away little parts that I think work and try to incorporate them into an actual piece. Most of the stuff I'll either discard or just keep hammering away at, until I find some way to make them work.

Ok. Here is the picture. I promise. This time I'll just show it instead of continuing to talk. Damn. I'm doing it again aren't I? Sorry. It's a disease I get from my father. Call him and complain. He's bored. He would love to talk to you.......What the hell am I talking about?

Ok. Jokes over. Here it is.


Warhammer 40k people doing stuff while holding weapons.

These are from the end of last year sometime for Fantasy Flight Games. I love drawing these character shots. It's just coming up with a cool silhouette, and making it look neat when you are done. I like trying to come up with ways to do these that aren't just static poses, yet still show the details of the armor, weapons, clothes etc.. I also apparently love making myself insane by coming up with ideas that involve weapons in extreme perspective. That can be maddening at times, but very rewarding in the end.

Ok. No more talking. Without further ado, here are people holding weapons and doing stuff.

Catachan Scout

Valhallan Ice Warrior

Verdure Guardian

Here is some recent work I did for Applibot's Legend of the Cryptids. For those of you that don't know, Every set for Legend of the Cryptids has a standard and advanced version of the same character.

Sorry, not much talkie talkie today. I just got back from Spectrum Art Live! yesterday. I'm still kind of out of it. There was so much great art there, so many great people, and so much alcohol. It was a great time, and I can't wait to do it again. Just not this week.



Proud and honored to be included in Expose 11.

Three pieces were accepted. One of them is one I have never shared. So this is the first look.

Yeah, I know. It's almost as good as the sneak peak at the new summer blockbuster. Try to control yourself.

I need a sarcasm font.