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Karloff the Relentless

Stumbled across an illustration I did for No Quarter Magazine #53. When I was younger, I would wander around in gaming stores for hours. I always wanted to play all those games. However, now I'm sure that the only reason I wanted to play those games was because of the art. I would see the cool picture of some wizard wearing his cool guy robes and conjuring some demon and be completely wrapped up in it. Now I get to stumble in to the gaming store and see my own stuff right next to all that.


Boba Fett

I'm tired of not getting likes on that damn deviantumblrestergram! Actually I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night and I ran out of pictures of my attractive friends.


Blazing Hatred

More monsters from applibot


Down time

In an effort to do something besides sit on my hands while in between sketch approvals and deadlines, I decided to practice a little.


Tower Guardian

A couple of pieces for Applibot from earlier this year